Adoption Process

Just thinking or definitely considering adoption? Contact the service and you will receive an information pack along with a response form. You can then decide whether you want to register your interest in going further.

When you feel ready, complete the response form and send it back to the office and we can then arrange an initial visit. The visit will take place in your home to give you further information about the adoption process and the needs of the children waiting to be adopted in North Wales.

Next you will be invited to attend the preparing to adopt training along with other prospective adopters to give you an insight into what adoption means today, learning more about the needs of the children waiting to be adopted. It will help you explore what you are able to offer.

A formal assessment process is required by law and carried out by a social worker. It is sometimes referred to as a home study. The assessing social worker will visit you at home and you will talk through why you want to adopt, the kind of child you would best be able to care for and your overall suitability.

Your social worker will write up a report for presentation to an adoption panel. You will be invited to attend. The panel makes the recommendation, but it will be the agency decision maker that approves you.

Once the link is made, you will be given more information about the child or children, including their family background, a history of their early years, why the child came into care, the child’s characteristics and any particular needs the child may have. When you have agreed the match, you will attend a matching panel, which will look at whether or not to recommend the match. Once again, the final approval will be given by the agency decision maker.

After a minimum of ten weeks you can apply to the courts for an adoption order. This is the final legal step. It means the child will be legally yours and can take your surname.

If you would like to find out more about adopting a child, please contact our team who will be happy to help or download our information booklet InfoGuide A5 2015