The North Wales Adoption Service places children of all ages for adoption. We occasionally place children in the younger age groups but we particularly need adoptive parents for children over the age of four and sibling groups, as these children often wait longest for adoptive families.

We particularly welcome applications from people who could look after more than one child or the older children we have waiting.

Many of our children are currently placed in foster care with their brothers & sisters. It’s important to us to try and keep brothers and sisters together to maintain their family bond.

Many children needing adoption have been abused, either physically or sexually. Others may have been neglected and not given love and stimulation. All will have experienced changes and uncertainty.

Adoption UK have produced a five-minute DVD exploring the difficulties that adopted children may encounter in an educational setting as a result of the separation, loss and trauma they have experienced in their early lives.

Meet the children

Bethany, Connor & Nathan

Bethany and her brothers Connor and Nathan have a close relationship. They are white welsh and have been living together in foster care for 6 months following concerns of lack of care due to their parent’s alcohol abuse and domestic violence. Bethany is behind her peers in her education and development. Bethany has received support in managing her feelings and emotions. Connor’s health and development has improved while living in foster care. Nathan is a happy baby meeting his developmental milestones. They have lived with their current foster carer for 6 months and have a good relationship with their carer’s family. The children have three older siblings living elsewhere who they will meet face to face once a year. There will be letterbox contact with birth parents once a year.


Chantelle has lived with a number of different foster carers. Because of these changes and her past experiences she has developed strategies to protect herself and can be very independent and controlling.


Declan is 5 years old and has been looked after by his current foster carers for 6 months following concerns of lack of care. His mother has a learning disability. Declan worries about his mum and has seen her regularly while living in foster care. There will be direct contact with his birth mother once a year.


Keiran is 4 years old and the youngest of 6 siblings. Keiran was exposed to sexual material and sexualised activities.