Birth Parents

Adoption Information for Birth Parent & Relatives

If you are a parent or a relative of a child who is being adopted then this information is for you. It will give you information about adoption, what it means to you and your family.

The North Wales Adoption Service provides a service to those involved in adoption. We know that the loss of a child through adoption is likely to have a lifelong effect on you and your family and it is important that you have an understanding of what adoption means.

When a Local Authority is planning to place a Child for Adoption

Adoption is a way of providing a new permanent family for a child not able to be brought up by their birth family. The North Wales Adoption Service is an Adoption Service that works in partnership with the Local Authorities across North Wales, our role is to find families for children and assess adoptive parents.

The Local Authorities we work with are legally registered as the Adoption Agency to approve adoptive parents and match children with new families. The plan for the child to be adopted is made by the local authority and the Court agree the making of an adoption order.

The adoption order ends the child’s legal relationships with birth family and gives the adopted parents legal parental responsibility for the child/children.

Before an adoption can be arranged the Local Authority is required by law to ask for a lot of information about you and your child. This information is personal and will be treated as confidential; however there are some circumstances where the local authority may need to pass particular information on to other people. Wherever possible, such circumstances will be explained to you.

All this information is needed for us to have the fullest possible knowledge and understanding of your child and family of birth. You can therefore help your child by agreeing to provide as much information as you can about yourself and your family.

The law requires Adoption Agencies and Courts to make sure that they put the child’s long-term welfare first when they make decisions about adoption.

Your Rights as Birth Parents

As the child’s birth parent if you have any worries, doubts or questions your child’s social worker will try to help you as much as possible with these. You should also talk to your solicitor if you have one. You may find it helpful to talk things over with your family and friends.

In the past few years several independent organisations have been formed to offer advice and support to people in your position. For further information please contact our team who will be happy to provide you with further information.

Choosing a Family for your Child

The law requires that Adoption Agencies make very thorough enquiries about families wishing to adopt. All prospective adopters undergo lengthy training and assessment by an Adoption Agency and must be put forward recommended by an Adoption Panel before they can be considered for adoption.

They are asked for a lot of information about themselves and their family background, this is to ensure they are suitable families to take care of your children.

When your child’s social worker looks for a family, one will be chosen because it is thought they are  able to meet the child’s needs. Your child’s long term welfare is the first consideration and a placement will not be made until it is believed that the right family is available.


When planning adoption arrangements for children, consideration is given to what contact, if any, will take place between the child and their birth family. The contact arrangements that are put in place are different for each family.

There are two types of contact that can take place. Direct contact (face to face) which may take place or indirect contact (exchanges of written information

Indirect contact

This is contact by letter which is arranged by the Contact Co-Ordinator in the Adoption Service or

Direct contact

This is face to face contact between the birth family and the child. This is also arranged by the Contact Co-Ordinator in the Adoption Service.

Contact arrangements will be discussed with the social worker and decisions will be made that is best for everyone involved.

Should you wish any further information on Adoption please contact

The North Wales Adoption Service
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